Swarmer Weather

Thank you Ceri for taking this photo of bees on the move in the next door garden. It was an amazing sight, a big surprise and gave everybody a buzz on a lovely sunny day (12.4 kWh).
We had spag bol and a very solid rice pudding for our family dinner (sans Dave, who was camping) and scored a very solid 11 on the GSQ (with input from absent Dave by email).

First Poppy

A marker of the changing seasons.
Admin1 is rereading Lamentation by CJ Sansom. Admin2 is reading Midnight at Malabar House by Vaseem Khan. Malabar House, like Slough House, the Peculiar Crimes Unit and Department Q is a holding pen where misfit investigators are shuffled out of sight; and investigation takes a back seat — there is so much (interesting) Indian history, geography, theology, politics and sociology on show that the plot just fits in the gaps between disquisitions.

Two Seasons

Spring petals and autumn leaves. We had chicken and tomatoes for our family dinner and scored 9 on the GSQ.
Admin1 is rereading Heartstone by CJ Sansom. Admin2 is reading Ascent by Jed Mercurio, bought from the traditional charity shop on the way back from the jab. It has a rocket on the cover so it’s bound to be good. [And it was — a fictional Russian Apollo 13.]


People up the road massing in their charity-funded gazebo in the rain to celebrate the downfall of a thousand Conservative councillors yesterday and the glorious paper anniversary of Gez and Dave today. They would have been a lot cosier sitting in someone’s living room but they need to mark their territory.
Admin1 is appropriately (given that there was also a coronation today) rereading Sovereign by CJ Sansom. Admin2 is rereading Still Bleeding by Steve Mosby.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

The garden after an April that was cooler and wetter than the last couple of Aprils and had absolutely average sunshine. Bluebells up, tulips down, magnolias still going, poppies in abeyance, foxgloves nonexistent and the cool black tulips hidden behind all the other stuff. Admin2 mowed the lawn but it sprung back up again. It’s now No-mow May so go, go grass!
Admin1 is rereading Dissolution by CJ Sansom. Admin2 is rereading The Extremes by Christopher Priest; tldr: VRSF.

Teleman Again

We saw Teleman at the Brudenell five years ago and loved them. Tonight they played at the Wardrobe and we loved them just as much.
First up were Swedish girl duo 7ebra. The twin sisters played some morose Scandinavian songs, and the blonde one plays the drums with her feet.
Cometh the hour, cometh the Teleman, with lots of lighting effects.
The poor old drummer always gets obscured, so he gets an animation.

We had seats near the front courtesy of the helpful venue staff, though we did have some hearing problems post-gig due to the close speakers. Teleman did the lovely Song for a Seagull as well as our other favourites, and the encores finished with Düsseldorf. — “Put on, put on your favourite song…”

They were great, and the band very obviously enjoyed playing for us.