When the Nights Are Blue

Happy birthday twins!
To celebrate, some low-down noctilucent clouds, the first of the year, and 13.397kWh on the solar panels, our third sunniest day ever, by 2 watts, what what!
Admin1 is reading Tragedy on the Branch Line by Edward Marston, which was a considerably cosier train ride than Bullet Train, soon to be a big film. Admin2 is reading Crow Court by Andy Charman, another crowdfunded debut, not so interesting.

Batting for Africa

One of the questions in yesterday’s Guardian quiz prompted a family discussion about the Kasanka National Park in Zambia and its enormous colony of bats. Admins 1 and 2 paid a visit there in 2010, which involved getting up in the middle of the night, trekking through a swampy jungle with some armed guards and climbing rickety wooden towers to view the bats flying around. It was spectacular. Here’s another shot we took:
Anyway, in a weird coincidence the Park turned up in today’s Guardian. Apparently some company wants to open a huge commercial farm which would have a catastrophic effect on the wildlife. The paper also has a nice photo essay on the Park’s bats.
Admin1 is reading The Special Dead by Lin Anderson. Admin2 is rereading The Second Sleep by Robert Harris.

Festivals of Light

Happy Hanukkah and Lucia Day. Christmas Lights Man displaying as usual, with a giant snowman standing in the hall before he hastily shut the door. And Admin2 saw three Geminid meteors in the night [update: later we each saw dazzlingly brilliant ones].
Admin2 is reading Accidental Agent by Alan Judd; most boring spy novel ever.
We scored 8 on the GWQ; no, let’s make it nine because our answer to “What links Johann Strauss II; John Philip Sousa; Benny Goodman; Elvis Presley?” Blue (Danube, Ridge, Moon, Hawaii) was just as good as theirs (King of).

Happy New Year

Sadly it was too windy to let the drone out at midnight, but Admin2’s new camera has a firework setting so here are some fireworks.
Happy New Year everybody xxx

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everybody!
It was the best of times and in some ways, including the solar panels, it was the worst of times, but only because they were switched off on some of the sunniest days.
Admin1 watched Live Die Repeat. We scored 8 on the Guardian Weekend quiz, bringing our yearly average to 8.19, which is a slight improvement on last year.

Let There Be More Light

Christmas lights man goes even more over the top. 22,000 bulbs, he says.
Admin1 is reading The Second Deadly Sin by Asa Larsson. Admin2 is reading Blood Stream by Luca Veste which was pants. Detective with foreign female sidekick (Rankin, Harvey), old-fashioned musical tastes (ditto) chasing serial killer (everybody), ends up in serial killer’s trap (ditto) but escapes (phew!). And in this case the serial killer has an extremely implausible motive and an incredibly ghastly technique.
We scored 7 on the Guardian Weekend quiz.

Bang Bang!

No pic tonight but two loud explosions shook our windows, rattled our walls and brought people out into the street. Apparently sonic booms from RAF Typhoons escorting a civilian plane to Newcastle.
Admin2 is reading The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers (a long read and seemingly only the first of a long long series), Admin1 is reading When the Devil Drives by Chris Brookmyre, and we are watching Line of Duty, series 3.
We scored 9 on the Guardian Weekend quiz.