Cute baby starlings at feeding time. They fared better than the dead bird we found under the table wearing a ring that had been put on one day ago and 4km away. And the one that got away from the cat and spent hours flapping behind the sofa before A1 finally ushered it out. Same two things happened almost exactly two years ago.
We had three sorts of delicious burgers (meat, fish and pizza) with many accompaniments followed by fruit salad for our family dinner (thank you A1) and scored a below-par 8 on the GSQ.
A2 is reading Scatter Her Ashes* by Heine Bakkeid; another grindingly miserable book: divorced deposed detective on trail of missing children and serial killers.

Critter of the Day: Ichneumon xanthorius

A parasitic wasp visits the blossoming apple tree.
We had cauliflower halloumi rice followed by fruit salad for our family lunch, graced by the presence of Betty, and scored an improved 11 on the GSQ, though we need to score 11 every time for the next 5 weeks to get our average back to 10.
A1 is reading Cahokia Jazz by Francis Spufford. A2 is reading The Assistant* by Kjell Ola Dahl.

Critter of the Day: Nano Chongololo

Happy All Fools’ Day fools!
A2 found this mini millipede in the compost bin; like the much bigger African sort it comes out in the rainy season.
March 2024 was our fourth coldest, fifth wettest and second least sunny since our records began.
A1 is reading The Old Enemy by Henry Porter. A2 is reading The Death of Sir Martin Malprelate by Adam Roberts; a rumbustious pastiche of 19th-century literature, populated by fictional characters of the period.

Rainy Day Wormin’

Hello beautiful earthworm taking advantage of the wet weather to go for a ramble. Mind the busy road, our wriggly friend.
A1 is rereading Redemption Ark by Alastair Reynolds. A2 is reading Ghost Signs: Poverty and the Pandemic by A1’s work colleague Stu Hennigan. Stu spent lockdown taking food parcels to poor people and every house he visited stank of booze, fags, weed and/or dogshit.

Sitting on the Fence

One of many Red Admirals that, along with flocks of bees and hoverflies, were enjoying the flowers on the ivy this afternoon. Stand next to it and feel the buzz.
A1 is reading The Secret Hours by Mick Herron, who just gets better and better. Though described as a “stand-alone” novel, this is set in the same world as his Slough House stories and features a number of the same characters — though under different identities. Full of biting humour, on-the-nose political and social comments and, not least, a terrific plot, this is the yummiest read in the recent run of (mostly excellent) new books.
A2 is reading Voices of the Dead by Ambrose Parry (thx A1). The Victorian Scottish medics in a world of crooks, cranks, quacks, mountebanks and murderers.

Critter of the Day: Pyrausta aurata

The minuscule Mint Moth. It also likes a good thyme. Look at its lovely long antennae and beautiful blue eyes.
We had chicken, Yorkshire puddings and garden beans for our family meal with blackberry and apple crumble for afters and scored 10 (with generous marking) on the GSQ.
Admin1 is rereading The Stone Canal by Ken MacLeod. Admin2 is reading Winter in Madrid by CJ Sansom.