It’s Light Night All Right

Hordes of people cram into a churchyard to stick their heads in luminous flowers and hear the hum of nature. Light night is a brilliant institution; it’s understandable that it’s always too crowded to be bearable.
Admin1 is reading The Death of Kings by Rennie Airth. Admin2 is reading The Blood-Dimmed Tide, also by Rennie Airth.

Critter of the Day: Dilophosaurus

Happy Birthday Lee.
Admin2 spotted this animatronic monstrosity outside a closed-down shop while searching for another shop that turned out to be inside yet another shop.
Admin2 is also reading Trace Elements by Donna Leon which is pretty boring so far, being mostly about the weather in Venice. You wouldn’t catch us banging on about the weather all the time…

Epic Street Chalk Day

Well that’s how it was billed, but nearly all the chalk was in one patch (exception for ELMO LOVES YOU next door to us) and Auds and Bobs preferred to draw all over our patio. Admin1 is reading Dark Memories by Liz Mistry, a confusingly overpopulated crime novel set in Bradford which belongs more in the misery-lit genre. Admin2 is reading The Golden Rule by Amanda Craig; a corny Cornish gothic romance overlaid with trendy topical talking points (and impossible to believe that a former advertising strategist dealing with a couple of public-facing characters would not have cleared everything up with an internet search). Yesterday was our warmest day this year: 30.7°C.
We scored 11.5 on the GWQ.

Scarborough (reasonably) Fair

Our trip to (occasionally) sunny Scarborough involved pirate ships:
Donkeys (go, Audrey!):
Many, many seagulls (and distant dolphins leaping above the waves but too far away to photograph):
Scrumptious fish and chips from Winking Willy’s famous emporium with its amusing signage:
And finally, let’s all go down the…
A wonderful 20th wedding anniversary trip was had by all! Well, apart from Dave and Bob, the latter of whom had his bubble burst at primary school and they have to isolate 🙁
We stayed again at the Green Gables hotel (great breakfasts, but it bears more than a passing resemblance to Hilbert’s Hotel), and again failed to photograph its magnificent but elusive cat. Next time…

Saturday Lager

Beers and a delicious veggie supper at a new pub table in the evning sunshine. Thx Gez and Dave, and props for scoring 13 on the GWQ.
Admin1 is reading The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman — readable, but amusing rather than funny and somewhat twee. Admin2 is reading This Night’s Foul Work by Fred Vargas, which was marvellously convoluted.

The Jab-berwock

Admin1’s second jab today, and a lovely day for it too. Here’s the traditional shot of Scott Hall Road … and here’s some graffiti with the Jab-berwock seen on the way back :

Today we reached 1,000,000 points for our BOINC research into COVID-19, various cancers and Asteroid hunting:
BOINC statsWe also have a brand-new weather station to set up over the next few days, and we both celebrated by visiting newly reopened charity shops, and bought some books!

Happy Birthday Eve Gez

Our first time together in the garden for many months, on the hottest day this year so far: 25.2 °C and our third warmest March day ever. We had spinach quiche (thx Bidi for the recipe), salad, bread rolls, pigs in blankets, nectarine cake and ice cream, and would have had pizza but the breadmaker slushed the dough so we had toppings instead.
A party balloon appeared in the sky to celebrate the occasion.
Admin1 is rereading White Corridor by Christopher Fowler and Admin2 is rereading Human Croquet by Kate Atkinson, her second, or probably rejected first, novel that combines time travel and parallel worlds with domestic abuse and confusions over parentage.

Happy Birthday Bob!

Opening his presents on the other side of the window. This would have been a week of family feasts with Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day and the boy’s birthday all in five days but stuff got in the way.
Admin2 is reading The Scent of Death by Simon Beckett, which was loathesome and disgusting. Quite apart from the decomposing corpses in the derelict hospital, just about every other character involved in this atrocity gets stabbed, clubbed, electrocuted, blown up or run over. Simon sounds very sciency about the odours of decay but he can’t tell a corona from a penumbra.

Two Turtle Doves

Well OK, collared doves, and in a cherry, not pear, tree.
Merry Christmas everybody!
Here’s our frugal dinner for 2 [update: we’ve been eating leftover pork every day and finally finished it on 3rd January 2021]
Admin2 is reading Death Delivered by Jorn Lier Horst and Thomas Enger (thx Admin1). We are watching Lethal White (thx again).

Hey Nineteen

It is 19 years since Admins 1 and 2 got married and today we ate the first of our homegrown cauliflowers with our homegrown peas. They were the tenderest tastiest peas and cauliflowers ever.
After the meal we zoomed in on the GWQ and scored THIRTEEN points. Props to Audrey who knew all about Mary Anning!

Family Reunion

Two households together at a social distance for the first time in 100 days.It was lovely to see you all and have beer and cake just like the old days.
It was our sunniest day of the year:13.26kWh.
Admin2 is rereading A Book of Scars by William Shaw.