Egyptian (Virtual) Holiday

Admin1 has been playing Assassin’s Creed Origins, a vast open-world game set in Egypt, circa 57BC. Some effort has gone into making it accurate, with consultant historians and linguists, and it’s undeniably impressive.
Here’s an eagle’s-eye view of Alexandria at sunset, taking in the Hippodrome, the museum, the famous library, the theatre, docks and ending up at the Ancient Wonder Pharos lighthouse, rediscovered in 1968.

There are also pyramids and the Sphinx…
…and, of course, cats:

Meanwhile, Admin1 is reading The Chalk Circle Man by Fred Vargas and Admin2 is reading The Other Mother by Michel Bussi.

Up in the Air

Flying the drone over the cliffs we came upon a star map with a sandy milky way.
Admin1 is reading The Institute by Stephen King. Admin2 is reading The Dying Light by Henry Porter (a slightly futuristic spy story in which the government goes full-on surveillance state). (we went a bit mad and bought 6 books in case we ran out of reading matter, though we could have bought them in Leeds and had lighter luggage).
We scored 7.5 on the GWQ. Thank you Gez.