New Year Full Moon

The moon celebrating the end of this ghastly year with a corona. December was our third coldest and second cloudiest December ever, but 2020 was our second warmest and second sunniest year in the 10 years we’ve been counting.
Admin1 is reading The Secret Life of Mr Roos by Hakan Nesser — a lovely book, funny and mournful without being sentimental. Thanks, Admin2! Admin2 is reading The Dark Isle by Clare Carson.

Ice Ice Baby

Today was the coldest day this year, with a top temperature of 2.9 °C, and our coldest night, with a bottom temperature of -3.0 °C. Admin2 nevertheless continued going out without a coat for ease of washing but put on a thermal vest.
Admin1 is reading Death Delivered by Jorn Lier Horst and Thomas Enger. Admin2 is reading Nemesis by Philip Roth; a resonantly topical story of an epidemic and a superspreader.

Weather of the day: Snow

The people who normally draw on the road have been drawing on the snow instead.
And here’s a gratuitous pigeon and clouds on the weathercam.
Admin1 is reading The Witch Hunter by Matt Seek which was rubbish. Admin2 is reading Cross and Burn by Val McDermid which is also rubbish.
We scored 13 out of 30 on the mega super bumper GWQ which was extremely rubbish, our worst score this year, giving us an average of 10.57557692 which is nevertheless our best ever (see last year and step backward though the years).
Coffee of the day: Guji Natural Ethiopia which is absolutely delicious. Thx Gez!

Two Turtle Doves

Well OK, collared doves, and in a cherry, not pear, tree.
Merry Christmas everybody!
Here’s our frugal dinner for 2 [update: we’ve been eating leftover pork every day and finally finished it on 3rd January 2021]
Admin2 is reading Death Delivered by Jorn Lier Horst and Thomas Enger (thx Admin1). We are watching Lethal White (thx again).

Festivals of Light

Happy Hanukkah and Lucia Day. Christmas Lights Man displaying as usual, with a giant snowman standing in the hall before he hastily shut the door. And Admin2 saw three Geminid meteors in the night [update: later we each saw dazzlingly brilliant ones].
Admin2 is reading Accidental Agent by Alan Judd; most boring spy novel ever.
We scored 8 on the GWQ; no, let’s make it nine because our answer to “What links Johann Strauss II; John Philip Sousa; Benny Goodman; Elvis Presley?” Blue (Danube, Ridge, Moon, Hawaii) was just as good as theirs (King of).