The Day That the Rain Came Down

It hasn’t rained for two weeks but it bucketed down today, accompanied by thunder. It has only rained for 10 days so far this month, but we’ve had over 100mm of precipitation. Interesting, huh?
Admin1 is reading The Eight by Katherine Neville, an enjoyably daft conspiracy thriller about a mystical chess set, set mostly in revolutionary 1790s France and 1970s US/Algeria. KN is amusingly determined to shoehorn in absolutely everyone you’ve ever heard of to this barmy tale: various Bachs, Euler, Casanova, Diderot, Boswell, Robespierre, Newton, David (the painter), Wordsworth, the Freemasons/Rosicrucians, Talleyrand, Napoleon, Gadaffi, Catherine the Great, William Blake, Voltaire, Cardinal Richelieu, Marat, Frederick the Great, Rousseau … and many more. Not to mention myths of Ancient Egypt, Crete, Algeria, the Moors, Syria, Turkey and so on. Published in 1988, it’s a sort of mix of The Da Vinci Code, Tomb Raider, Mary Gentle’s Ash and Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle (in order of (very!) sharply rising quality). I didn’t believe a word of it 🙂
Admin2 is reading The Waiter by Ajay Chowdhury, a spicy snack of a story about a disgraced detective turned waiter who carries on detecting.

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