Happy Birthday Jesus

A 3D printed sheep and Buddha come to the party.
Deck the coffee with leaves of holly.

Admin2 is reading White Tears by Hari Kunzru; a splendid time-slipping story of white men and the blues (thx Admin1).
We watched The Cuckoo’s Calling (thx again).
Christmas Day was our warmest (14.5 °C by day and 10.2 °C by night) and sunniest (0.683kWh) of this December.


Admin1’s 3D-printed two-tone fidget spinner.
We greased the centre bearing with silicone oil and it whizzes round like crazy.
Admin1 is reading In a True Light by John Harvey. Admin2 is rereading Atomised by Michel Houellebecq, which had all the elements of science fiction yet managed to be an unhappy family saga instead.
And we scored THIRTEEN on the Guardian Weekend quiz. Woot!

π Day

Here’s our pi day pie with a π decoration produced with a 3D printed pi cutter. The gravy is escaping to make a cross face.
Admin1 is reading Some Kind of Peace by Camilla Grebe and Åsa Träff, which featured a psychologist protagonist so annoying, feeble and lacking in insight that she deserved everything she got.