Froggy Froggy Duo

Today was extra super warm for the time of year: 21.7 °C, a record in the country and in our garden which is filled with birdsong, the scent of flowers and the croaks of amorous amphibians (oh and a hell of a lot of banging and drilling from the renderers working next door).
Today is also booktally day. In the last 6 years we have read 1536 books between us, 256 since last year, which by a strange coincidence is also our exact average number.


Snow is coming, flake by flake.
Admin2 is reading Harvest by Jim Crace; all hell breaks loose in a preindustrial village when strangers and the threat of sheep arrive.
We scored 12 on the GWQ.
It’s booktally day. We have now read 1280 books between us in 5 years, 272 since last year.

At the End of a Storm There’s a Golden Sky

Admin1 is reading Black Noise by Pekka Hiltunen (a kind of poor copy of an episode of a JJ Abrams serial (perhaps Alias), with implausible heroines but missing an entertainingly barmy mythology). Admin2 is reading The Ice Twins by SK Tremayne, a Sunday Times bestseller which came free with the Guardian and was unmitigated codswallop.
Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of our book recording project. So far we have read 1008 books between us.
We scored 9 on the Guardian Weekend quiz.

Blindfolded Moon

Exactly three years since we started recording our reading. Between us we have read 750 books, a nice round number.
Admin2 is reading All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders, and finding it pretty irritating, but who knows, it might improve if the protagonists ever grow up. But it didn’t. Reads like a kid’s book with a few fucking swear words and oodles of macguffins.

Critter of the Day: First Frog of Spring

By coincidence it is exactly 2 years since we started listing our reads on this blog. Admin1 has read 245 books and Admin2 has managed a measly 214. So about one book every three days.
Today Admin1 is reading A Song for the Dying by Stuart MacBride (a nasty book with a grievous mismatch of tone and content) and Admin2 is reading Ack-Ack Macaque by Gareth L Powell (a rollicking good read). We watched Coherence which wasn’t.