Two Little Ducks

Our anniversary sultana/amaretto cheesecake for our family dinner. The garden raspberries were sublime and we scored legs eleven on the GSQ. Probably would have got twelve dig and delve if Bob hadn’t kept derailing our trains of thought (nought).
Admin2 is reading The Square of Sevens (49 = PC49 = copper; v appropriate) by Laura Shepherd-Robinson.

Happy Fathers’ Day C & D

A G&T cake and love from us all.
We also had a cheese and onion quiche and salads for our family dinner and scored 12.333 on the GSQ, bringing our average to >10 at last.
It rained today and yesterday, bringing an end to our longest ever recorded dry spell
Admin2 is reading Westwind by Ian Rankin, which was jejune and implausible but rattled along at a great pace.

45 Questions

Good Friday everybody.
At last it is safe for people to come to our house and we have 3 weeks of quiz questions to work through to go with our 45th birthday trifle. We scored 10 on the first, a disgraceful 5 on the second and 10 on the third, so 25 out of 45.
Admin1 is rereading The Puppet Show by MW Craven. Admin2 is reading Company of Liars by Karen Maitland; a mismatched band of keepers of dark secrets go on the road to escape the Black Death, but other fates await. Mesmerising.

Happy Birthday

Admin1 celebrated his miscellaneous birthday today and was treated accordionly. What a surprise! He also got a load of books, a t-shirt, coffee for (and from) Africa and cups to drink it from. We ate emergency sandwiches (not expecting dinner guests) and yummy carrot cake.
Admin1 is now reading Bad Actors by Mick Herron. Enjoy! [Admin1: And I certainly did! Many thanks, also to GDA&B for the wonderful presents and a terrific birthday. I’ve just realised you could base a tune on their names…perhaps I could play it on an accordion 🙂 ]
Admin2 is reading Sea of Tranquility by Emily St John Mandel.

Considered Trifle

Our concession to the Platinum Jubilee: a sort-of Union Flag in raspberries and blueberries on a fruity trifle based on Admin1’s marble cake (also visible on the right). A splendid meal was enjoyed by all and we scored 9 on the GSQ.
Admin1 is reading The Killing Song by Lesley McEvoy. Admin2 is rereading Spook Street by Mick Herron.

Feed Us All!

Here’s our attempt at the Platinum Jubilee Pudding which we consumed after a very filling and delicious meal of roast lamb,new potatoes, yorkshire puddings, gravy and veg. [The pudding itself was OK in its citrussy way, but not a patch on our usual fruity cakey trifles and we’ll probably never make one again but we had most of the ingredients already and didn’t have to use the recipe which would have taken hours, cost a fortune and left us with a bucketful of superfluous egg whites.] We were too full to think and scored only 7 on the GSQ. Shame!

Easter Eggs

Magpies have built a fine nest next to our house (apparently magpies nest next to humans to keep away their crow kin) and today Admin1 sent up the drone to look for blue eggs or fluffy chicks, but they had built a roof and the tree was in leaf so no luck.
Meanwhile Admin1 had his first stab at making a Battenburg cake which turned out extremely well. A lovely meal was had by all and we scored 11 on the GSQ.
Admin1 is reading The Stone Chamber by Kate Ellis and Admin2 is reading Rewind by Catherine Ryan Howard, which was extremely implausible.

Happy Birthday Gez

It rained and snowed and hailed and sleeted today, with sunshine in between, and stayed freezing cold throughout. It might as well be spring.
Admin1 is reading A Matter of Time by Claire Askew. Admin2 is reading The Soul Breaker by Sebastian Fitzek, a weird book about an amnesiac encountering an outbreak of unconsciousness in a psychiatric clinic.