Weather of the day: Snow

The people who normally draw on the road have been drawing on the snow instead.
And here’s a gratuitous pigeon and clouds on the weathercam.
Admin1 is reading The Witch Hunter by Matt Seek which was rubbish. Admin2 is reading Cross and Burn by Val McDermid which is also rubbish.
We scored 13 out of 30 on the mega super bumper GWQ which was extremely rubbish, our worst score this year, giving us an average of 10.57557692 which is nevertheless our best ever (see last year and step backward though the years).
Coffee of the day: Guji Natural Ethiopia which is absolutely delicious. Thx Gez!

Face of Food

No interesting weather today so here is Audrey’s dinner, featuring our new plates and table mats.
Admin1 is reading Falling Freely, as if in a Dream by Leif GW Persson, but gave up after 100 pages ‘cos it was dull. Admin2 is reading Truecrime by Jake Arnott, a sardonic story of the London crimimal underworld and the acting profession.
We are drinking Yirgacheffe coffee (fruity and tasty) and scored 9 on the GWQ

Morning Light

Admin1 is reading Holy Ghost by John Sandford. Admin2 has been reading The Furthest Station by Ben Aaronovitch: yet another London book featuring an eccentric subset of a state authority; this time police with magical powers chasing ghosts on the Underground.
We scored 12 on the GWQ, including 9 in a row. Yes yes yes yes yes!
Coffee of the day: Java Lingtong (yiddle i po)

In the Air Tonight

Our new toy tool: a drone with a movie camera, bought to look at the solar panels to see if they need a clean (and definitely not to have fun with). It’s pretty difficult to control in small spaces, but Admin1 is slowly improving with practice. This is the highest we’ve taken it so far.
Admin1 is rereading The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell.
Coffee of the day: Costa Rica Montanas del Diamante Tarrazu; smooth and citric.

Fly Undone

A victim of the Venus flytrap.
Admin1 is reading The Few by Nadia Dalbueno, in which a detective struggling to overcome his family’s Mafia past investigates corruption and sordid goings-on in the highest levels of Italian society; pretty good, but not a book likely to be recommended by the Italian tourist board.
Admin2 is reading The Discourtesy of Death by William Broderick.
Coffee of the day: Hill and Valley.