Lighten Our Darkness

A bright blue band low in the sky. Probably the last noctilucents of the season.
Meanwhile, earlier tonight Admin1 looked up at the sky and saw a glorious golden fireball trailing sparks. Make a wish, everybody.
Also on display, by a lucky coincidence, was the International Space Station. Try Heavens Above if you’re interested in spotting the ISS (also excellent for many other events of astronomical interest).
Admin2 is reading Have Mercy on Us All by Fred Vargas,an early Adamsberg book in which we meet many characters in the subsequent novels, and in which Paris is threatened by Vargas’ research subject, bubonic plague. Admin1 is reading, very appropriately, Masked Prey by John Sandford.

Two Fools

Admin1 made these delicious puddings from garden raspberries, strawberries and mint. We felt virtuous cultivating our own desserts.
Admin1 is reading Down Cemetery Road by Mick Herron and Admin2 is reading Joe Country, also by Mick Herron. The northern sky is filled with noctilucent clouds, additionally illuminated by the moon.

Happy Birthday Admin1

A street party on the traffic island to celebrate on yet another hot and sunny day. We saw more noctilucent clouds in the early hours, and there are more tonight.
Admin1 is reading Sympathy for the Devil by William Shaw. Admin2 is reading Don’t Let Go by Michel Bussi, an ingenious mystery set on Reunion and with a plot dependent on the topography and meteorology of that island. We scored 12 on the GWQ!