Cloud of the Day: Flying Horse

A nice day, considering it’s October: 22.0 °C.
Admin1 is rereading The Outsider by Stephen King. Admin2 is reading The Guest List by Lucy Foley: a “Sunday Times bestseller”; a sure sign that a book is speedy, superficial and uses the word “adrenaline” as a substitute for conveying excitement through the text.

Cloud Chasing Cloud

Well, you can see its eyes under its hood and its hand holding its e-cig and the massive plume of vapour it is expelling.
Admin1 is reading Stop Dead by Leigh Russell. Books 4 and 5 in this series have got gorier and even more misanthropic than before, especially towards the “lower orders”. Think I’ll give up on LR.
Admin2 is rereading Black Day at the Bosphorus Cafe by MH Baylis.

Ramblin’ Man

A cloud man wandering through the sky with his backpack and dog.
Admin1 is rereading A Song from Dead Lips by William Shaw. Admin2 is reading The Vanishing Futurist by Charlotte Hobson; an English governess experiences the liberating influence of the avant-garde amid the privations of war and the ferment of the Russian revolution.

A Cloud that Looks a Bit like a Lion

Our blog is back after days of server errors and the weather is back to clouds and rain.
Admin2 is reading Machines Like Me by Ian Mc Ewan, a novel about a sentient robot in an alternative 1980s which apparently isn’t science fiction because nobody is wearing antigravity boots. It was an enjoyable read though, somewhat in the style of Adam Roberts. Admin1 has been watching Keeping Faith.

Clouds That Look Like Things: Bacterium

This is actually a cloud of yesterday; today there were no clouds at all and the solar panels did 12.87 kWh: best day this year.
Admin1 is reading The White Road by Sarah Lotz — an interesting ghost story about potholing and mountain climbing, with an unlikeable but engaging protagonist; not a book for those worried by depths or heights. Or ghosts. Or cold. Or for claustrophobes or agoraphobes.
Admin2 is reading Before the Fall by Noah Hawley; a plane crash deconstructed.

Clouds That Look Like Things: Donald Trump Sneezing

Admin1 is reading New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson, which was superb, something like Stand on Zanzibar as re-imagined by Ian McDonald … and Stan has discovered a sense of humour! Full of finely drawn characters who are better than they think they are, it’s the best book of the year so far. Guardian review by Adam Roberts.

Admin2 is rereading The Word of God by Thomas M Disch. Tom cobbles together a load of random stories, essays, poems and instructions and presents them as Holy Writ. Bit like the Bible in fact.

Jake’s Flakes

Storm Jake arrived today with big, big snowflakes. Then the sun came out and it all melted. Then it rained. Now it’s windy. The weather station had a hard time keeping up.

Admin1 is reading Gathering Prey by John Sandford. Admin2 is reading The Nightmare by Lars Kepler. It was like a bad dream, or a bad film with lengthy descriptions of car chases, innumerable shootings, and improbably good-looking and accomplished protagonists.


A bright ending to a dull day with clouds that look like numbers. Yesterday — 14 Sep — we passed the 2012 solar panel total; that point was reached on 22 Oct in 2013 and 5 Oct in 2014.
Admin1 is rewatching The Fall.
Admin2 is reading Sweet Caress by William Boyd, which was disappointing to be honest, like a creative writing exercise cobbled together from random photographs.
Kaffee des Tages: Bellarom Espresso; not bad considering we got 1.2kg for £6.99
Beklagar din förlust Dave

Spiders on Mars

A small spider casts a menacing shadow on a peeling painted door

Which reminded Admin1 of this:

…which is a HiRISE picture of Martian sand dunes.
Admin2 thinks it looks more like this:

…but the whole of Mars looks like it was painted by incompetent decorators and the paint has wrinkled, blistered, streaked, cracked or dripped.

Admin2 is reading All That Follows by Jim Crace, which like Amnesia and Orfeo was slipstreamy, set in the near future and concerned authoritarian responses to acts perceived as terrorism plus a lot of recapitulation of past events.