Double Rainbow

The rain is raining but the sun is shining and Admin2 is feeling fairly fine (Admin1 is still under the weather though).
Admin2 was reading Eating People Is Wrong by Malcolm Bradbury which was quite funny about 50 years ago but is now shamefully racist and sexist. Tempora mutantor et nos mutamus in illis. She is now reading Death on Demand and Admin1 is reading Death Ship, both by Jim Kelly.

Happy Orthodox New Year

Another rainbow. It is also the day of our belated celebration of Audrey’s birthday, when we gave her 2 books she’d already been given and various other quite dangerous things, ate pasta and fruit salad and scored 12 on the GSQ.
Admin1 is reading A Divided Spy by Charles Cummings. Admin2 is reading The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley.

Happy New Year

A rainbow marks the dawn of another year. 2022 had up and downs, from 39.2 to -5.5 °C, but it was our sunniest ever year, 1,537.343kWh.
Admin1 is reading Streets of Darkness by AA Dhand, a very grim crime story set in Bradford’s Asian community. Admin2 is reading The Old Enemy by Henry Porter.
Update next day: We missed our family dinner because they were all ill in various ways. Today they were recovered enough to eat stroggers and peach cake and do the quiz at which we scored a pathetic 8.5.

Bow Wow!

Two awesome rainbows brightening our evening. According to an article in the paper today, seeking out awe can make you happier and healthier. Awfulness is the new mindfulness.
Admin1 is reading Peculiar London by Christopher Fowler. Admin2 is reading The Ink Black Heart by Robert Galbraith, a gigantic doorstopper which needs a comprehensive workover by an editor. How many times does the author describe the office manager as having an e-cigarette clamped in her teeth? As if that were even possible.


Today all the newspapers are black and every electronic billboard has been switched to pics of the erstwhile queen. HMQ is queing in every bus shelter, hanging around the shops and looking down from high buildings. And it rained on and off all day so a very feeble rainbow arrived to cheer us all up.
Admin2 is reading Act of Oblivion by Robert Harris; those who signed the death warrant for Charles I get their comeuppance when Charles II ascends to the throne.

After the Flood

A day without a storm when there was enough rain for a couple of rainbows and the solar panels served up >2kWh for the first time this year.
And it’s Twosday: 22/2/22 and it’s 22.22 too.
Admin2 is reading The Good Doctor by Damon Galgut; a gloomy book about a failing hospital in the South African bundu; no wonder it was on the Booker shortlist.

Bow Wow

The bow is not that wow, but Admin1 was working on a pun concerning a brilliant sundog that dwindled before he could photograph it, and likewise this rainbow faded away before Admin2 could snap it through the red and golden leaves.
Admin1 is rereading Flesh Wounds by Christopher Brookmyre. Admin2 is reading The Great Swindle by Pierre Lemaitre; a jockey club member with friends in high places gets government contracts and does everything on the cheap. Wouldn’t happen here…

April Shower

At last a rainy day, and a faint pastel rainbow. So April is no longer our driest month ever, prevously tied with April 2015, but it is our sunniest April ever (not just us either), beating April 2015. Digging for victory week 5: carrots, onions and radishes all growing, beans and courgettes ready to plant out. Neighbours say 2 foxes and 4 hedgehogs spend nights in our gardens. Hope they eat snails.
Admin1 is reading Absolution Gap by Alastair Reynolds.
[update] Next day: another April shower and a more impressive rainbow.


Sunshine sparkling on the spray from the sprinkler on our sunniest April day ever: 11.82kWh, the fourth >10kWh day this week with more to come if the forecast is right. From further away the physics of light on water makes a rainbow, symbol of these days.
Admin1 is reading Redemption Ark by Alastair Reynolds.