Vermilion Sands Solar Panel Data for 2017 weather * blog

2017 results

Output = 1,403.507kWh
Average = 3.845kWh/day

Revenue = £731.45
Average = £2.004/day

Another year with no lengthy summer sunny spells, despite recording our highest ever temperature in June (35.0°C). The daily average for the year, 3.845kWh, was almost exactly the same as the overall daily average since installation, 3.839kWh. Nine months were worse than 2016, and for the second year running May was our best month. There was 1 zero-watt day, in December (snow). The earnings of £731.45 are a bit more accurate than previous years because the calculation now includes the export rate. The analysis software was rewritten in January in Python, improving the graphics.

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2017 month by month

Installation details

Location: Leeds, UK
Panels: 9 x Kyocera KD240GH-2FB
Max output: 2.16kW (240W/panel)
Estimated annual output: 1,800.60kWh
Positioning: Flat roof facing S
Commissioning date: 2011-12-02